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Maurer Grant Funds
Interactive Touchscreen

A new 42-inch interactive touchscreen monitor is now available at the Museum, thanks to a grant from The Maurer Foundation.

Many items in the Museum’s archives have never been available for public viewing. With the new interactive display, visitors will be able to listen to audio recordings of local residents including the Museum’s first board president Sam Sherwood. They also may view photographs and a video of the 1939 Mulesta celebration, watch a 1932 film that includes the Wabash Depot and McCleary Clinic, or listen to a 1950s recording of Randall Jessee’s Moonbeams.

One of the goals of this project is to coordinate the interactive display with current museum exhibits to provide more detailed information to visitors if desired. We hope the interactive display will be fun as well as informative, especially for young people. As an added benefit it will provide a solid experience for visitors who don’t have the mobility to walk all around the Museum to view displays.

If you have any audiotapes, videotapes or photos relating to Excelsior Springs, Mosby, Prathersville or Lawson, please consider sharing these with the Museum.

The Maurer Foundation was established in 2006 by Mary Katherine Maurer Dixon Martz solely to support larger or “extra” needs of the Museum not funded in the Museum’s operational budget. Each year, they provide a grant of 5% of their investments to fund larger, specific needs of the Museum.

In recent years, their annual grants have paid for the walkway wall repair, bought metal shelving to better preserve our paper collections and bought archival quality storage pieces. This year, in addition to funding a $2,200 grant for the interactive touchscreen monitor and movable stand, the Foundation also granted $2,390 for the repair of the roof on the west side of the bank building.