Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times
Main Action John S. Lodwick, Lawyer American Italian Pasta Co. Community Bank Chamber of Commerce Beyer Theatre All America City Logue & Short Druggists Pepsi Cola Clock Marietta Drug Store Warneke Apartments Mount Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church Church Directory Christian Bookstore Woodmen of the World Java Room Wyman Elementary School Enlow Brothers J. Benjamin Store Flanders John S. Lewis Shoplifting is Stealing Coast to Coast Stores Excelsior Springs Laundry & Dry Cleaning Clinic Locker Room Sign Sulpho Saline Advertisement Superior Springs Greyhound Bus Schedule McCleary Thornton Minor Hospital 5% on Certificates of Deposit Bath Dept. Mud Baths Baths All Kinds Street Lamp

Main Action

Main-Action Group Headquarters

John S. Lodwick, Lawyer

John S. Lodwick's was a local lawyer who practiced at 120 E. Broadway and a former mayor of Excelsior Springs.

Donated to the Museum by David Lodwick in 2017.

American Italian Pasta Co.

American Italian Pasta Company is located at 1000 Italian Way. John Ashcroft, Missouri Governor attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant on January 30, 1987. Currently the "Pasta Plant" operates as TreeHouse Foods - AIPC.

Community Bank

Community Bank of Excelsior Springs was located at 1001 N. Jesse James Road in the 1990s.

Chamber of Commerce

We strongly support Community Betterment through Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce - Welcome

Beyer Theatre

Beyer Theatre poster advertising movies of 1944:
Lost Angel, Asylum of Horrors, Calling Dr. Death, Crazy House, Nine Girls

All America City

In 1975, Excelsior Springs was named an "All America City", the only city in Missouri to win the award that year. Don "Hoagie" Hoagland was mayor at the time.
The National Civic League awards the "All-America City Award". It is America's oldest and most prestigious community recognition award. Since 1949 the All-America City Award has encouraged and recognized civic excellence, honoring communities of all sizes (cities, towns, counties, neighborhoods and regions) in which citizens, government, businesses and voluntary organizations work together to address critical local issues.

Logue & Short Druggists

Logue & Short Druggists was located at 215 E. Broadway in the 1960s.

Pepsi Cola Clock

Pepsi Cola bottling plant was located at 200 Isley in the 1960s.

Donated to the Museum by Earl M. Mitchell in 1980.

Marietta Drug Store

Marietta Drug Store was located at 201 S. Marietta during the 1910s to the 1930s. During the 1940s to 1960s it was located at 216 S. Marietta.

Sign was donated to the Museum by John Tyler in 1979.

Warneke Apartments

William F. & Marie Warneke owned property at 104 Temple Street in the 1930s and 1940s

Donated to the Museum by Richard Preator in 2009.

Mount Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church

Mount Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church was established in 1830 in what is now known as Crescent Lake. In 1923 it was moved to a new location in Crescent Lake where it remained until 1973 when it was closed.

Sign was donated to the Museum by Wallace Callen in 1975.

Church Directory

The Churches of Excelsior Springs Welcome You

Christian Bookstore

The Christian Bookstore was located at 108 W. Broadway

Woodmen of the World

Woodmen of the World (W.O.W.) was a fraternal benefit society with open membership in the United States. It was founded in Omaha, Nebraska by Joseph Cullen Root on June 6, 1890.
One of his objectives was to provide a decent burial and tombstones for all members. The stones varied from elaborate hand-carved monuments, simple stone markers and stake-type markers driven into the ground. There are many examples of these tombstones in the local cemeteries.

Donated to the Museum by Ron Wetzel in 2012.

Java Room

Java Room at the Oaks Hotel

Donated to the Museum by Rita Silac in 1985.

Wyman Elementary School

Wyman Elementary School located on Dunbar.

Donated to the Museum by Earl & Beth Humphreys in 2019.

Enlow Brothers

Enlow Brothers Furniture & Undertaking, 118 W. Broadway, moved to the Morse building on the Concourse in 1915.

Donated to the Museum by Bud McAfee in 1985.

J. Benjamin Store

J. Benjamin Store, originally located at 112 E. Broadway, relocated to 235 E. Broadway where it remained for many years.
John Benjamin was born on the Benjamin family farm (later known as Benjamin Stables & Riding Academy) at 87th & Hillcrest in Kansas City owned by his father, Hyman Benjamin.


Flanders was located at 107 W. Broadway

John S. Lewis

John S. Lewis, dry goods, clothing and shoes

Shoplifting is Stealing

Shoplifting is Stealing

Coast to Coast Stores

Coast to Coast was located at 421 S. Thompson in the 1960s.

Excelsior Springs Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Excelsior Springs Laundry & Dry Cleaning was located at 301 N. Marietta.
Put card in window to stop the driver

Clinic Locker Room Sign

Clinic locker room sign

Sulpho Saline Advertisement

Sulpho Saline water won the highest award at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893

Superior Springs

Superior Springs water analysis was done by Prof. C. C. Young of the Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas, January 6, 1914

Greyhound Bus Schedule

Union Bus Depot, located at 115 E. Broadway, serviced Greyhound, Trailways, Jefferson, and Manley Bus Lines and Union Pacific Stages in the 1930s.

Sign was donated to the Museum by Don Pointer in 1974.

McCleary Thornton Minor Hospital

In 1957 the Thornton Minor Hospital in Kansas City merged with the McCleary Clinic & Hospital in Excelsior Springs to become the McCleary Thornton Minor Hospital. It occupied the 400 block of St. Louis where Colony Plaza and Tipton Law Office are now located.

Sign was donated to the Museum by Dan Wilson in 1973.

5% on Certificates of Deposit

Now 5% on Time Certificates of Deposit.

Bath Dept.

Bath Dept.

Mud Baths

Mud Baths
On reverse side of sign "Open Nights"

Baths All Kinds

Baths All Kinds

Street Lamp

Street Lamp with fluted skirt. Similar to the light attached to the Milwaukee Depot.

Donated to the Museum by Kendal Davis in 2019.