Membership Form

The Museum has depended primarily on memberships and donations for its support.

It has also received several small grants and memorials. These have allowed purchases of special items and equipment. We are grateful to the many adults, children, organizations, and businesses in our community for their many years of support.

Annual Museum Membership

Your membership includes:

  • Free admission to the Museum
  • Reduced rates on research
  • 10% discount in the gift shop
  • The Phunn, newsletter

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be sent directly to the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives at the address shown above.

Consider making a tribute gift in memory of a loved one.


We need volunteers who are willing to greet visitors, operate the video equipment, and sell items in the gift shop. If the visitor asks questions, office staff will help them with the answers.

Too shy to greet strangers? People are needed to care for the artifacts to see that they are properly acquistitioned, used, or stored. People are needed to create displays. Some displays need to be planned a year or more in advance.

There are artifacts that are not yet on display. Much work remains to be done.

Non-Monetary Gifts

The Museum accepts donations of artifacts pertaining to the history of Excelsior Springs. If you have items that you would like to donate to the Museum, please call (816) 630-0101, email, or view the Donation Form (.pdf) form

The museum is always adding to its digital archives. Please submit your photographs or scanned images to the museum via email or call the museum to have the photograph scanned at the museum.

High School Year Books
We would like to add to our collection of Excelsior Springs High School yearbooks. See our list of yearbooks. Please call or email the museum if you have one you would like to donate.

Temporary Loans & Special Exhibits
The museum accepts materials on temporary loan for items used in exhibits such as the Founders’ Series Exhibit.

Any organization, club, or other group wanting to display their items at the museum, please call and make a reservation for a locked case. A special exhibit will be set up and your artifacts will be displayed separately from the museum’s materials.

Maurer Foundation

The Foundation’s history

The Maurer Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization, was the vision of Mary Katherine Dixon Martz, a former resident who spent most of her lifetime in Excelsior Springs. In 1923, Martz’s father, the late Jake Maurer, and her late uncle, John Maurer, established Lake Maurer. The popular attraction ultimately drew thousands of visitors to Excelsior Springs.

At the heart of the Foundation’s evolution was Martz’s concern about both the immediate and long-term financial stability of the Museum. Many individuals had donated countless hours to improving the Museum’s organization and the building’s physical condition while overall funding was still a struggle. Serious issues with the buildings were chronic and continued due to a lack of money. A major fundraising effort was needed and a Foundation seemed to be the best way to provide financial stability.

Interests United

A board of directors, consisting of local and former residents who shared the same interest of promoting the Museum and Excelsior Springs, was selected and the legal documents were filed in 2006 to qualify for tax-exempt status. The purpose of the foundation was stated: “To benefit and support the Excelsior Springs Museum and Archives”.

The initial fundraising goal was $100,000. The Foundation does not intend to fund the Museum’s daily operations because the Museum pays those operating expenses from revenue generated by memberships, donations, fundraisers, the gift shop and other miscellaneous areas. However, these sources were not sufficient to handle all financial requirements that included major repairs and exhibit costs.

Foundation’s Fund Flow

The Maurer Foundation makes decisions to contribute to the Museum for specific projects based upon requests made directly to it by the Museum Board. The Foundation Board of Directors does encourage all who are interested in supporting the Museum to become Museum members. Other donations to the Museum provide needed support of ever-increasing operating expenses.

Gifts can be made in a variety of ways – checks, gifts of stock or real estate, donations through wills or trusts, etc. If you have questions about how to make your gift contact a Maurer Foundation Board Member. Please make your checks payable to:

The Maurer Foundation
101 E. Broadway – P.O. Box 144
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Thank you for supporting the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives through the Maurer Foundation.